FUTURE STARS CLASS - An introductory class teaching fundamentals of tap steps, ballet positions, creative movement, and listening skills.  This is only a half hour class.  No specific shoes required but dancers can purchase if they wish. Leotard and tights preferred.  Do not have to be potty trained as long as parent waits in lobby. 


Future Stars Dress Code - (ages 2-3) We recommend any color leotard and tights. Tap and ballet shoes for this class are optional but most do get them. It is best to stay away from any type of skirt which is attached or separate from the leotard that they will want to "play" with. Hair should be secured back and no jewelry. A dance bag is recommended to keep their shoes in.  Please put name in all shoes. 


If purchasing shoes, we use Revolution brand tan slip on buckle tap shoes and pink ballet shoes that can purchased at DPU.  Although we do not care if you have tap and ballet shoes other than that brand in the beginning of the year, just know that for recital they all must match exactly and be the same brand. We start them (and you) off from little on knowing that taking the stage in unison and being professional counts! ALL dancers must have the correct and all matching shoes and tights for recital and performances. 

                            Two Year Old

Small but mighty!