This is a combination tap and jazz class for ages 7-8.  Bright Stars l is for those with no or some experiece.  Bright Stars ll is for those with experience and recommended for this level. 

These classes will perform two routines in the recital.


DRESS CODE for Bright Stars l, ll, and lll. Any color leotard and tights. Many also start to opt wear more of a variety in dancewear at this age. Capri leggings, crop tops, etc. No loose fitting t-shirts or clothing not considered actual dancewear in class. Tan buckle "U- Shell" tap shoes and tan jazz shoes. (In the event we would choose a costume for recital requiring black jazz shoes, the tan can be dyed if not wanting to purchase new ones).  This level will do two routines in recital. Hair secured back and no jewelry.


We use Revolution Brand tan slip on buckle tap shoes and jazz shoes that can be purchased at DPU. We do not care if you have a different brand of shoes in the beginning of the year, however for recital they all must match exactly and be the same brand. We start them (and you) off from little on knowing that taking the stage in unison and being professional counts! ALL dancers must have the correct and all matching shoes and tights for recital, performances, and competitions.   


Working hard on our stretches here!