Ballet and Pointe

Ballet is the "backbone" of all forms of dance.  A must for a serious dance student and for those who strictly love the art form.  

When a student reaches the required age and ability level if they are strong enough they will also be able to add a pointe class.  Usually the teacher asks that students take at least two other regular ballet classes per week in order to do pointework. 




Ballet - Solid Black Leotard of your choice. Pink tights, pink ballet shoes (leather or canvas for class). Most likely younger classes will use leather for recital and older classes will use canvas. Please purchase through DPU as they will need to match for recital. ALL Ballet Classes must wear black leotards with ballet pink tights. Some younger classes may be given option of wearing other. Hair must be in a bun for ALL ballet classes.  Failure to abide by dress code after first warning in upper level classes will result in student being provided and charged with necessary attire or asked to sit out of class.

Ballerinas In Black On Pointe