Calling all Ladies and Gents… you’ve done for your kids all day long. Now do something FUN for yourself!  Exercise, meet new friends, and laugh! These are only some of the reasons you should enroll in our Adult Dance Program. We offer classes in Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop with performance opportunities, too. So dust off your dancing shoes and come join us!  Recital is optional.  There are beginner classes for those who have never danced or just have had a bit of dance training as well as Int/Adv Adult classes for those with several  years of training.  Those wishing to take Ballet may join the teen dancers with teacher approval.  We have one of the largest adult programs in the area!!





Adult tap - Dancewear or workout style clothing and black flat tap shoes.



Adult Hip Hop classes - Dancewear or workout style clothing.  Shoes can be jazz shoes, Converse style tennis shoes or other tennis shoes ONLY USED FOR CLASS. Do not wear shoes from outside into the classroom. 



Beginner Teen Ballet with Ms. Gina may wear any color solid leotard and ballet pink tights and leather or canvas pink ballet shoes. Ballet skirts may also be worn. 




Adult Jazz Cropped




Good times and good friends!