Missed Classes

Good attendance is imperative in order to keep up and progress. Students are entitled to and encouraged to make up all missed classes.  Ask your teacher or the studio receptionist, Ms. Nancy for a make up time if you miss.  All classes must be made up within four weeks of the absence.  An accumulation of missed classes does not exempt the student from regularly monthly payments.

For younger classes an attendance certificate is presented at the end of the year.  You may miss once class during the season without making it up and still receive your Great Attendance award.   You are responsible for monthly tuition unless we are notified IN WRITING by email of cancellation.  As long as we hold your place in class, you will be charged.  Classes missed due to snow can be made up if you would like however these absences will not be counted against attendance.  In the event of snow, call the studio 1 hour in advance of your class to see if we will be holding class. We announce cancellations on our Facebook page, studio recorder, and Channel 2 and 5.

The studio calendar generally gives each day of the week 40 classes from Sept to the end of June.  Occasionally there will be a day of the week that does not meet 40 times and you are welcome to do a makeup class to get the total of 40 classes if you like.