Classroom Policies

1. Students must arrive on time for class and in proper dress attire at all times.

2. No jewelry should be worn during class and hair must be pulled away from the face.

3. Students may not leave class early unless teacher has been notified by parent in advance.

4. Students should be picked up on time after class. In the event that you are running late call the studio. Younger students will be brought out into the lobby by an assistant after class. If a parent is not there we will take them into the office to wait. However we are not responsible for any student that does not get picked up on time.

5. Regular attendance is very important for your child’s progress.

6. We STRONGLY advise that no cell phones are brought to class. However, if student chooses to or must bring a cell phone to class, it MUST be turned off for the duration of that class.

7. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items in the dance studio. Please put your child’s name on all belongings, especially dance shoes.

8. Absolutely NO gum chewing in studio classrooms.

9. Water only may be taken into classrooms with dancers. Anything else that may get spilled can ruin the floor, cause possible injuries, or damage other people's belongings.

10. Dancers should treat all teachers, themselves, and classmates with respect at all times.

11. Younger dancers should use the restroom or be taken to the restroom by a parent before class to avoid having interruptions during the class.

12. No acro, tumbling, running or horseplay allowed in the lobby areas, kitchen, or hallways.

13.  No food is to be eaten on any carpeted areas by anyone including parents.  This includes cereals, pretzels, etc.  Food allowed in kitchen and front lobby area only.

14.  No drinks besides water allowed in carpeted areas.  You may use the kitchen refrigerator to store snacks, lunch, drinks, etc.  and the microwave to warm up food.